Sunday, 11 November 2012

The Application Process: CV & Online Application!

Hey! I just thought I would write abit about the initial application process starting with the online application and CV! This year (summer 2013 applicants) the online submissions opened on August 3rd and ran until September 28th, I received an email that very night inviting me to a pre-screen.


Before I go into more detail about that though, I want to share with you all what I wrote on my CV and for my cover letter. I personally spent a whole week refining and working on my application as I wanted it to be absolutely perfect. According to yummy jobs 1600 people applied for the program and 500ish got through to pre-screens, although that's not official as we are unsure if they were allowed to disclose exact numbers.

Anyway! The application consists of a few personal details, name and address ect plus a job history box. The bits i focused on the most though, were “motivation for taking part” and my actual uploaded CV. Starting with the cover letter, i put mine in the motivation for taking part section as the guys at yummy jobs have thousands of applicants to look through, if my uploaded CV has too many pages they’re just gonna skim it right?

Having visited Walt Disney World Florida and Disneyland Paris in the past, I am very keen to get involved with the Walt Disney Company by undertaking a position on the Summer International College Program. I am currently a photography student at university and believe the experience and personal growth I would gain from the program will benefit me in my future goals and career choices. I reflect the high standards set by the Walt Disney Company and wish to undertake a placement working within a role and with individuals who have the same values as myself. My previous experience has given me valuable skills within the hospitality industry such as a constant high standard of customer service, excellent communication skills, a healthy work ethic and a pro-active response to meeting targets, attributes which can further be enhanced and developed by the Walt Disney Company. Additionally my personal feelings and enjoyment of all things Disney makes the International College Program a perfect opportunity for me to acquire new skills and learn valuable lessons while making somebody's dreams come true.

Remember to not copy mine, they do have plagiarism scanners. I am including it though so you can have an idea as to the kinda thing they are looking for. My CV had the typical layout, skills, school history, job history, hobbies, just make sure its not over 2 pages long and explain/include examples of your skills. I put key things in bold just in case they did skim, they could pick up the gist. I’ve included a snippet of my CV for you to take a look at! (I changed second year to third year when I went to my interviews)

disney icp cv example

So that’s abit of a run down of my application! Remember this is an actual JOB you’re applying for, don’t treat is any different. Feel free to include your enjoyment of Disney, but don’t bang on about it.

I hope this was helpful and if you have any questions feel free to email me on janewaringphoto(at)hotmail(dot)co(dot)uk.


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