Thursday, 15 November 2012

200 Days to go: Flights Booked, CRB Sorted!

I don’t think it’s actually sunk in yet that I’m gonna be working for the mouse. An overload of university projects, applying for post-grad and working has taken over my life at the moment making me mega excited for Christmas. WTB relaxation. Some very exciting news though, is that I've booked my flights!


I wanted to get flights done as quickly as possible as prices can go up dramatically! £583.37 is not too bad I guess.
I am going to travel a little after the program and luckily me and 3 other lovely ladies have decided to adventure together. I have met Becky and Jennifer before at pre-screens/final interviews so I’m very excited that we get to share this experience. Also looking forward to meeting Rachel for the first time, hopefully at the Manchester meet up in December! All three have blogs so go check them out.



I will chat more about our travel plans in another post.
As well as booking flights, I did the whole Criminal Background Check thing we are required to do this week. Another thing tickets off the “to-do” list. A simple form and £60, sorted.


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