Wednesday, 5 December 2012

180 Days to Go!

So it’s 180 days until I jet off to Florida to embark on, hopefully, the best summer of my life. Before that though is 6 months of winter (brr), university and working. It’s not all bad though, Christmas is just around the corner and with that I hope to share the Disney love with everybody. Needless to say most presents I buy will be of said theme. Today saw me nipping into the Disney store to buy a few cheeky gifts and a villains tumbler for myself.

From my parents this year, I hope to receive a video camera so I can document my time in the USA. Fingers crossed!

There's not too much left that I have to pay for regarding my program. Flights and CRB are done, so the only things really left are things which need to be paid sooner to departure. In the mean time I’m saving as much as I can so the option to splurge on a new wardrobe/goodies is there!

I’ll check in soon!