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Disneyland: August 2013














This is ridiculously late going up for some reason. Yeah, i suck! But anyway, here is a little peek at what I got up to in Disneyland last August. I visited Anaheim after my ICP program with Jen, Becky and Rachael, although I spent my time in Disneyland with Jen while the other two did their own thing. We had an amazing time, probably one of the best moments of my whole life. Walking down the original main street in the footsteps of Walt himself was a surreal experience. Never did I think I would get to visit the place where it all started. Disney World may be the most magical place on earth, but Disneyland is without a doubt the happiest place on earth. I’ve never felt so relaxed. The crowds weren't too bad and the whole atmosphere was less touristy, more homely in a way.

We had three days there so spent our first day exploring, going on rides and meeting a few characters before heading over to California Adventures to explore and watch World of Color. One thing I do want to mention, is how different character experiences are in Disneyland. They just walk around unattended! You can find Cruella strutting her stuff, Peter Pan sitting by the wishing well and Mary Poppins taking a stroll down Main Street. Additionally the shows are perfection. World of Color is just something else and we loved Soundsational parade so much, we watched it 5 times haha!

On day two we spent most of the day in California Adventures before heading over to watch Magical and Fantasmic. Again, these were such amazing experiences. For the fireworks, everyone was sat down! There was no pushing and shoving to find a good spot, just everyone sat down in front of the castle, chatting and relaxing. This was the same for the parades too. Everyone was just sitting down having a jolly old time.

Our third and final day was a little special, as it was long lost friends week. You should have seen my excitement when I found out that Jane and Tarzan were going to be there. They’re my favourite Disney characters but also very rare to meet in the parks, so I feel so lucky to have been here for this event. We also got to meet Meg, Hercules and Hades. Meg was so freaking amazing! Exactly how I would imagine film Meg to act. Additionally we met the Pocahontas gang (Meeko, John Smith, Governor Ratcliffe and Pocahontas herself) and Merlin, who was such a cutie! I 100% prefer interactions at Disneyland. They feel so much more involving and personal. Another magical moment was when I was skyping my mum at the top of main street near the entrance, I had the camera on and was showing her Pluto who was doing a meet close by. Next minute Pluto pops up behind my and starts waving at mum, grabs my arm and walks with me to the area where they go backstage, giving me a big hug before I leave and getting down on one knee haha. All the while my mum was still on the other end. At this point Mickey Mouse pops out, all the while still on skype, so I give my phone to a nearby cast member so Jen could snap a picture of me and Mickey. The cast member then starts talking to my mum haha! Best cast members/characters ever!



I would love to go back to Disneyland again and would really recommend that any Walt Disney World fan go to Disneyland at some point. I did vlog my time in Disneyland so you can check those videos out on my channel!


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