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Walt Disney World J-1 Cultural Exchange Program (ICP) Recommended British Blogs & Vlogs

walt disney world j1 cultural exchange program recommended blogs and vlogs

When applying for my International College Program, something I found really helpful during the application process were blogs and vlogs. Reading/listening about other peoples experiences gave me an idea of what to expect, and while a few of them were out-dated, the basics were still relatively similar. Today I wish to share with you some YouTube channels and blogs which you may find helpful when applying for a program, or just as an interesting watch/read. When I was looking for vlogs in particular, there was a lack of “during the program” footage, which I’m happy to say is now no longer the case! I loved that I kept a record of my summer, for my own memories and so others can get a feel for what it’s like to spend the summer working for the mouse. It’s great to see many more British ICP vloggers about these days. Now these recommendations are going to be mostly from recent programs (2013 and 2014) as I'm sure we’ve all seen the popular videos from the likes of Adam, Gabriella and Catherine (participants whose videos helped my own application process). So without further ado, here’s a list of some blogs and vlogs you really should check out!

Hayley the Noob (2013)

Hayley was one of my flatmates during the ICP program who vlogged along with me, although she sucks and still hasn't uploaded all her footage, over a year later. Her videos are all during the program itself, so gives a great overview of what you can expect from your days off. Plus I'm in alot of them, which by default makes them amazing. Haha!

Rachel (2013)

Rachel is another one of my ICP buddies, who I also went travelling with after the program! She has many detailed videos about the application process, leading up to the program, some bits from the actual program and life after. She’s also vlogged her recent Walt Disney World trip too!

Rebecca Bretherton (2014)

A more recent one, Rebecca was part of the 2014 program and has some great videos leading up to the program and some fab vlogs during her time in Florida. I do follow current/recent participants who YouTube (which makes me die a little inside because i want to re-live the ICP so badly), as I love to watch Disney Parks vlogs in general and am rather nosey. 

JustAScottishLass (2014)

Another 2014 participant who's videos I recently discovered! Some great “during the program” footage and her accent is amazing!

Emma Josephine (2013)

We were on the same program but I only actually started talking to Emma after the program! She’s so lovely! I came across her blog online which documents her summer working for the mouse as well gives an interesting account of her trek to Mt Everest Base Camp for charity!

Dan @ Disney

So this guy is out there on his fourth program! He’s done 2 ICP’s and is currently on his 2nd CRP! I'm slightly jealous, not gonna lie! His blog is basically Disney International Program 101 and a must read for all future applicants.

There are many many more British ICP blogs and videos out there so don't just stop at this list. A great place is the WDWIP forums, particularly for ‘pre-facebook-group’. I actually met my Disney roommate Jen via the forums!
Remember, if you have any questions feel free to leave me a comment or send me a tweet @hippymeow! Also if you have an ICP blog/youtube or know of any great ones do link them in the comments!


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