Sunday, 24 February 2013

ICP 2013 Pre-Departure Costs!

Heya! I thought I would do a quick video today on costs you can expect before the program starts. They seem higher than ever looking back at previous people’s programs so be aware before you apply that it can get a little pricey. Worth it though right? In this post I will go over my own personal budget and in the video go through the costs form Yummy Jobs gave us.

Interview Travel Costs

£40 approx (underground & coach fare)

Return Flights


Criminal Background Check


US Embassy Appointment Fee


Cost of Calling the Embassy

£1.23 approx per minute



Courier Fee

£14 approx

US Embassy Travel Costs

£20 approx

Medical Insurance

$70 approx per Month

Program Assessment Fee



Excluding Medical Insurance and Cost of Calling the Embassy

I haven’t included the cost of calling the embassy as my parents will do that from their house phone, nor insurance. I’m not sure if we will have to pay insurance in a bulk sum or monthly, if all together expect to pay another £100 totalling the cost to £1010.92.
The biggest chunk by far are the flights, taking up half the budget. This is without my added travel costs though, which all together will cost me around £500 more on top of this. Plus I am taking around $1000 with me in cash and travellers checks so my total cost for my summer is going to equate to around £2100!
Luckily I should be able to save up quite abit of my wages for my LA and NY spend as I’m taking quite abit beforehand. We’ll see!
Overall it has cost me quite abit but will be 100% worth it!

Friday, 22 February 2013

100 Days to Go: Updates & Clothing Haul!

It seems like only yesterday I was chanting ‘200 days to go’ and already that's halved. Not too much has happened since I booked my internal flights. I got my CRB check back and did some shopping, not really that interesting. We are expected to get our welcome packs anytime in the next month so I'm mega excited for that and will 100% do a video as soon as I get it.

disney icp florida haul summer clothes disney icp crb check

Alot more will start happening once we get them as we can then book our visa appointment, sort fee’s and apparently do a new housing quiz online which has been implemented this year (according to my sources). Exciting times!

I think I have pretty much all the clothing items I need now excluding swimwear which I still need to pick up. Other than that it’s just toiletries and bedding really. I’m going to get the rest around Easter so if you would like to see a haul video or packing list let me know. For now I shall leave you with my clothing purchases (which I uploaded on my beauty channel)!