Sunday, 30 June 2013

QSFB: Magic Kingdom Outdoor Foods


Hey guys! I’ve been so busy over here and cant believe it’s been nearly a month already. I thought I would write a little bit about my role and training through, as its completely different to what I expected. So Magic Kingdom Outdoor Foods! My first day of training was Magic Kingdom specific. We had a full park tour (in traditions clothes I may add, so very hot) before then splitting off into role specific groups. We were then taken into a room and given a lanyard and ‘Earning my ears” tag. After a Food and Beverage introduction it was home time (and Star Wars weekend time! See my vlogs for a peek). Day 2 was at Disney university and I gotta say, half the class nearly fell asleep. This was then proceeded by e-learning (the bane of training).


This is what my first week of on the job training looked like! Not gonna lie, it was tough. On my first night I finished at 3:30am (when i was suppose to finish at 1am) and on my second night i finished at 2am. By the end of training I was exhausted, upset and wanted to go home. My first week was equally as tough, especially closing popcorn. I'm glad to say though, it gets better. Once you get used to it things gets quicker and you start getting out on time. The last day of training you get to taste all the ice creams too! Yum! The pay check will definitely put a smile on your face. I am generally working between 42 – 47 hours a week with 2 days off and can get like 250-300 dollars after rent!

IMAG0825  IMAG08501003280_10151446981051711_742900853_n  944428_10151445643471711_28179620_n
[L-R, T-B: Mobile Vending, Tomorrow Land, Fantasy Land, West Side]

Here in Outdoor Foods we have several costumes for each land, as we could be working anywhere in the park. So far my favourite place to work has been Tomorrowland and Mainstreet (which i forgot to take a picture of oops). It’s never a bad day when you get paid to watch the parades and wishes (during them we get like, no guests wanting to be served).

One thing I didn't expect for ODF was the closing aspect. When the wagon closes we have to take inventory with the stockers, head back to the garage and refill our drinks wagon then if we’re at any other wagon but ice-cream, go back and clean.

Next week I'm getting trained for Mobile Vending, were the hours look so much better! 1:30pm – 10:45pm everyday (for 5 days) woop woop! It beats my regular 11 hour shifts that for sure. Luckily this is the week my boyfriend visits so I wont finish too late to get the guest bus to our hotel (pop century). Happy days.


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