Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Dorms: The New Disney World Cast Member Housing System

Hey! I have abit of spare time before bed so though I would write about the brand new Dorms system that has just been implemented for Disney college program housing! In previous years us ICP’s wouldn’t have a choice for roomies, BUT this new system is open to everyone! No more to the Americans have to queue from 4 am to be able to get their desired complex and room mates. It’s all done online before you arrive. So how does it work?

disney dorms

Approximately 10 days before the start of your program you will receive an email which states you can register for housing. During this you can put a preference for complex and flat size as well as linking up with roommates with the same start – end date as you. How many people you can link with depends on what date you arrive. I was allowed to link with 5 others, but those starting on June 10th could only link with one other person. Just get one person to set up the links by following the instructions, then the others can accept (see below)!


We requested a 3 bedroom in Chatham, which we luckily got! I know everyone got their roommate links, but not necessarily complex or room size. Remember that Disney cannot guarantee anything.

If you have any questions feel free to message me! I'm regularly uploading vlogs over on my YouTube channel also, if you want to see what me and my roomies are up to in Florida.


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