Saturday, 2 November 2013

A year on

A year ago today I found out I had been accepted onto Disney’s International College Program. It’s crazy how times flies. This past year has literally been amazing. It’s been such a journey and I’ve met so many people. The ICP changed my life and now, looking back, I know it’s by far the best thing I have ever done. It’s so hard to describe it to people because I just cant express it in words.

disney j1 cultural exchange

I just wanted to write this post in a kind of tribute really and to document that moment I found out I was going to Florida. I found out I had gotten onto the program while I was at work. Back then I was a Charity Fundraiser and had just gotten out of someone's house having signed them up. Frustratingly I was in an area which had horrid signal and my emails were loading so slowly. I quickly checked my phone before plodding on and I saw i had mail from Yummy Jobs. I knew that was it. The email wouldn't open on my email app so I had to go onto the internet browser. In that few minuets, I really was terrified. My heart was pounding in my chest. When I opened the email and found out I was off to the most magical place in the world, i actually screamed. My team mates had gone on ahead of me so I ran to catch up with them squealing. I remember my team leader turning around and me diving on him going “I got it! I'm going to Disney!” My whole team hugged me and congratulated me while i basically had a freak out. I then phoned mum and dad, the boyfriend and my friends screaming down the phone at them!

I would recommend doing to program to everyone and wish desperately that I could go back. I will be applying for the year long CRP and will keep applying for it until i get to go back to working for the mouse. I’ve included a little overview of the program below including a look at my bucket list and ride counts.

Best summer ever.