Sunday, 23 June 2013



On Friday 7th June we had traditions! I was in the afternoon session which started at 2pm. I’m not going to go into too much detail about this as you will find out for yourself, but its basically a Disney 101 class informing you about the heritage and values of the company. This is also the class that inducts you as an official Disney cast member, nametags being delivered by the mouse himself!



During the session there is a trip to the Magic Kingdom, taking you onstage through the utilidors for a first glimpse of the castle! Dress is business wear in the ‘Disney Look’ so dress appropriate. You can see what i wore below.

DSCF4641 DSCF4652



The day before traditions I also found out my official role. Outdoor foods in magic kingdom. Not gonna lie, its been tough, but i will write about the training/job in a separate post. Again, i don't want to talk about this too much half because i don't know if I'm aloud, and half because its something special to look forward too, the official start of your program! If you look above I got Saturday off. Star Wars weekend!!!

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