Sunday, 18 November 2012

The Application Process: Pre-Screens!

So, here's the next part of my application process, the pre screen. I got the email inviting me to one on the 28th September at 6:30pm. Needless to say I was pretty excited, nervous and prepared for it like a mad woman.

disney icp pre screen email

I got the 5am coach from Southampton to London, which arrived at 7:30am giving me plenty of time to make my way over to Waterloo. After chilling in Starbucks for 30 mins, people I had arranged to meet up with beforehand arrived (oh George! – inside joke) and we made our way over to the restaurant together.
At the event we had a presentation and a little quiz, then got given time slots. I was in the same group as Becky, one of the girls I had met up with that morning which was pretty cool, so we just stuck together and got some food/chatted to others with our time slot ect. Interviews were running over a little, so we got into the room at maybe 12:30ish. There was a desk at the front where the yummyjobs ladies were sitting, and chairs in a semi-circle around the desk. I actually enjoyed the pre-screen most of all about the whole process, as it really was a massive chat between us all. Firstly we went around and said our names (there was about 10 people in each interview), what course we study and an interesting fact about ourselves. Then questions were just thrown out by YJ! Remember it is a group interview so anyone can chip in at any time, luckily everyone in my group was very considerate of others talking so we all just bounced off each other.
Some of the things they asked us were:
  • Why do you want to do the program?
  • How would you cope with the long hours & the heat?
  • How would you deal with living in shared dorms?
  • What of American culture would you like to experience and what of British culture could you share?
Individually they asked us:
  • An interesting fact about yourself.
  • What is your future realistic and unrealistic job?
  • Do you have any tattoos or piercings?
  • Top 3 roles.
  • What program dates are you available for?
  • What Disney character are you most like?

It lasted about 45 minuets, and that time literally flew by. Abit of advice is to interact with people. They want to see that you can listen and communicate within a group. Also don't forget to smile (although it should be pretty hard not too anyway)!
Also don’t see the others as competition, see them as future friends. Two of the girls i met in Starbucks I'm actually going traveling with after the program, which is going to be amazing. Oh and remember the Disney look ladies and gents. It’s not crucial for this stage, but its recommended. Natural makeup, hair and take your piercings out.
I hope this helped a little and if you have any questions feel free to message me.

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