Sunday, 6 October 2013

Walt Disney World Shows & Parades


One of my favourite things to do in Disney is watch the shows and parades. There are so many amazing ones in Walt Disney World that i simply couldn't pick just one favourite. Lets start with Magic Kingdom shall we! I’m not going to cover every single one, just the favourites while giving you an ICP memory.

Celebrate a Dream Come True Parade, also known as the 3 o’clock parade (when is the 3 o’clock parade?) is the one I got to walk every day while parade vending or have front row seats while regular vending. I’ve seen it so many times that I can sing every word to the soundtrack and do all the dances. My favourite place to watch this from (while working) is the top of main street. It’s not too crowded so I got an amazing view from Popcorn 1.

Dream Along with Mickey is the castle show which is on a few times throughout the day. I watched this one a lot as a guest and also while working. I used to park my cart on the road bit in front of the castle and sing along. I had so many guests ask me how many times i’d seen the show haha! I wish I would have kept count.

Electric Light Parade we watched every night as guests in Magic Kingdom! My roommate Jen did costuming for ELP so it meant a lot to her, plus it was awesome seeing the characters run up to her in the crowd having recognised her. I must say it most definitely grew on me and its now one of my favourite things to see in MK. Our spot is usually outside Country Bear Jamboree for the 11o’clock parade. The area is practically empty so lots of character interaction.


Celebrate the Magic i believe is limited time magic, but its in the top three of my favourite shows. It’s basically a visual show accompanied by a badass sountrack projected onto the castle. The end bit, when Walt appears and says the famous “It was all started by a mouse” bit gets me every time. I basically got paid to watch this and Wishes at popcorn 2/MSB whenever I worked main street as we never got guests wanted to be served during it.


Wishes. This deserves a post of its own. How can I even describe Wishes. It’s just Disney. It’s magic, dreams and belief all intertwined into a marvellous night time spectacular. I’ve watched this from all over the park plus from a distance at the Polynesian and the roof of the Contemporary hotels. By far the best place to to watch it from mainstreet/infront of the castle. As I said above, I did practically get paid to watch this every night, even if I was in a different land, so probably saw it from every location in the park! Fantasmic may be my favourite show, but wishes will always be a first night and last night kinda deal.


Saving the best for last, Fantasmic! This was my all time favourite show at Walt Disney World. During the 9 weeks I was there I watched it 6 times and then once in Disneyland California. Just everything about it is perfection. The story, the soundtrack, the visuals. I liked the Hollywood Studios arena better than in DL but the show across the country had a better story (and Maleficent Dragon).

There are others shows such as illuminations at Epcot, Mickeys Jungle Jammin Parade at Animal Kingdom, Move it Shake it at Magic Kingdom and many “attraction” shows, but these are just a few of my favourites and ones which have the best memories. Also all photographs in this post were taken by me!

PS. I know i sucked at updating this blog during my ICP of my day-to-day happenings but I’m getting there with the highlights.


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