Thursday, 17 October 2013

The Last Week Working in Magic Kingdom


My last week at work came around way too quickly for my liking. We had been told for most of the program that we are not aloud to trade away any shifts, call in sick or accept early releases for the last week as we are pre-paid. While it is true that you cannot trade away any shifts the rest is false. We’re not pre-paid (which is a pain for those who are going straight back to England) and we can get ER’s if the managers have approved it. It just so happens that me and my work friend rachel, another mobile vendor, were offered an ADO (approved day off) on Sunday 4th as soon as we got to the ODF garage as we weren't needed. Of course we jumped on it and tottled off to Epcot, riding things we hadn’t done yet (such as Ellen’s energy adventure) before heading off to Hollywood Studios for Fantasmic. Not a bad start to the week I'd say!


You can see my schedule for the last three weeks above! As a mobile vendor I got alot of ER’s due to weather (especially in the 2 weeks before this) and was sometimes swapped to vending locations. I’ll talk more about that in another post though! Anyway! Last week!

During that week I made sure I got to see the shows and parades on my route around Magic Kingdom, sometimes being a little naughty and just parking up instead of walking infront of them. On the last shift, me and Rachel practically ran back to the garage after ELP to park our carts and rushed out onto mainstreet to watch our last “working” celebrate the magic and wishes. It was a sad moment standing there at MSB knowing it had all come to an end, bumping out for the last time and saying goodbye to the team.

Working in Outdoor Foods was tough but I got to experience things no other role did. Best job I've ever had!


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