Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Jane, Craig and Daniel do Wet’nWild & Universal


For 2 of the 10 days that Daniel and Craig visited, we went to universal and it’s waterpark, Wet’nWild. Well, I say universal, we only actually went into Island of Adventure. Craig is a huge harry potter and marvel fan so they were our main hits. The first time there was abit of a disaster to be honest. It took us ages to get there and home as the I-ride is useless. We probably spent about 2 hours in the park as Craig wasn't feeling too well tackling forbidden journey, dragon challenge and food in the three broomsticks, before heading back. The second time there went much better. We spent the morning at Wet’n’Wild, which was alright but not overly amazing. Most of our time was used splashing around in the wave pool before heading to ihop for lunch. Hello pancakes!



Pancakes are probably one of my favourite things about America. Oh how i love them. Anyway, that evening in Island was so much better! It was practically empty so we walked onto lots of rides including Jurassic Park, Flight of the Hippogriff and Ripsaw falls (I don't think I've ever gotten so wet on a ride inn my life). I’m glad I got to see Craig's happy little face when we entered Hogsmeade but its such a pain to get to universal when staying on Disney property! I would recommend staying on I-Drive instead if you are planning on going there for a couple of days, or rent a car.


I did vlog the days a little so if your interested have a gander below.


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