Saturday, 12 October 2013

Chatham Square 3 Bedroom


I realised I’ve never really posted about our apartment over here! We lived in apartment 28303, a 3 bedroom in Chatham Square. Luckily through Dorms we could pick our roommates, so I got to live with my best friends. I don’t really know what to say about it other than I miss our little apartment so much. Believe me when i say it was never as tidy as these photos haha! I miss coming home from work and flopping on the living room floor, us one by one coming home and each flopping! Our balcony, near the end, also became the home of an evil wasp which me and Rachael tried to scare away…with Rachael's pencil stick…yeh it didn't happen haha!

Chatham is a lovely complex to be honest! Our place was a 2 min walk from the main gates/bus stop and right in front of the pool/mailbox. The beds are pretty un comfy and squeaky, you get used to it, although mine wasn't half as bad as Hayley’s (fun memory: when she was in the bathroom I went and jumped in her bed and pretended to sleeps). I roomed with Jennifer while Hayley and Rachael roomed together. I miss it more than anything.





You can see some more pictures here and a brief video clip here.


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