Sunday, 8 December 2013

About my Role in Magic Kingdom Outdoor Foods

Hey! Seeing as the ICP 2014 acceptances rolled out last week, I thought I would make an in depth video about my role in Magic Kingdom Outdoor Foods! I worked as a Vendor and a Parade Vendor, so in the video I speak about both of them, including a typical working day. I loved working in ODF and even though its hard work, I can honestly say its the best job I've ever had. Anyone who has been given QSFB can be placed in outdoor foods, so I hope I can provide a little insight as i couldn't find much on it before I went out there.

If you want to see my post on the training and what the costumes look like you can click here! If your new to my blog/youtube and have been accepted/are applying for the College Program, then you may also want to check out my vlogs as I documented my whole summer which you can check out on my channel here.

If you have any questions, as always, leave a comment or feel free to tweet/email me. Congratulations if you’ve made it through the application process and look forward to the best summer of your life <3




  1. Hi Jane,
    I was in your Disney pre screen interview last year but sadly I didn't get through however I really enjoyed watching your vlogs. This year I applied again and I got through- yay! I am doing QSF&B starting on 3rd June and I just wanted to thank you for how useful your videos have been!

    1. Hi there! I'm so happy for you getting through this time! It's an amazing experience.
      Thanks alot :) I loved/still love making videos so I'm really pleased to hear that they helped :)
      I'd love to know where you get placed when you get there!