Wednesday, 23 January 2013

The Plan: Orlando > Los Angeles > New York City!

So it’s 131 days to go and everything is in motion! Hotels in LA are booked, 5 nights in central LA and 3 nights near Disneyland Cali. New York apartment is getting booked tomorrow and flights are all paid for!


So the overall plan for the most amazing summer ever is:

Orlando Florida working for the mouse: June 3rd – August 9th.
Staying in Disney World Hotel: August 9th – August 12th.
Central LA: August 12th – August 17th.
Disneyland Cali: August 17th – August 20th.
New York City: August 20th – August 26th.
Flying Home to England: August 26th.

It’s so so real right now. I can’t believe how quickly its gone from 200 days to 131 days. The plan from now on is to save save save so I can go shopping for new summer clothes over Easter and afford a few luxuries (come on Kindle HD!)

Welcome packs and stuff like that should be arriving soon and my CRB check has already been sent out to my parents house so I shall post an update when more news has come though!


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