Wednesday, 4 September 2013

The Four Park Challenge

four park challenge

Something we had planned to do since arriving in America was the four park challenge! So, on a joint day off we rose bright and early to begin our task. We didn't really have a set rules to be honest. The general idea was ride some rides, get an icon photo and get a fast pass. The plan was Animal Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood studios then Magic Kingdom.



They see me vloggin’…
Anyway, i think the challenge was quite a success overall. We ended the evening with dinner at the Plaza Restaurant and watching the 4th July fireworks (by the end of that week long show I couldn't wait for wishes to return!) I gotta admit, the day was exhausting. We were all well and truly dead by the time the fireworks rolled around.
Of course I vlogged most of the day which you can see below!


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