Friday, 3 May 2013

1 Month to go Update, Disney Hoody & VISA/Embassy Appointment!

In exactly 1 month I will be on a plane over the Atlantic ocean, heading to Orlando. Is this real life? Other than university deadlines there's been a few exciting Disney bits happen over the past few weeks! For starters, my Disney Hoody arrived! These are not provided, you and your other participants have to design and order them yourselves. The lovely Rachael F designed our logo and Jack C organized where to get them from, thanks guys! We ordered them with hoodietee and I believe they are £25, actually being amazing quality!

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Secondly I had my embassy appointment on the 24th April and I’m delighted to say my VISA was approved! I’ve spoken more about the day in a video and some pre-information here. I’m going to list some pre-to do things down below. If you have any questions on this fee free to comment/message me and ask!

Pre-Visa To Do

  • As soon as you receive your welcome pack phone up the embassy to book your appointment and pay the $160 fee. You will be sent an receipt & appointment confirmation letter for this. Print them out.
  • Fill out the online SEVIS form, pay the $35 fee and print the receipt out immediately. You cannot print this off at a later date so only do it when attached to a printer.
  • Fill out the online DS-160 form and print out the completion page as instructed. You will need a photograph of yourself for this, but it’s alright if you don't have an appropriate one. Just make sure you take one to the embassy.

These forms will take about a hour and half in total, just get it out of the way so you don't have to worry about it.

Embassy Appointment Documents Checklist

  • The non-immigrant visa interview confirmation letter (send by email after booking your appointment).
  • Print out of the MRV application fee receipt (sent with the interview confirmation letter).
  • SEVIS receipt (printed after completing the form).
  • DS-160 Confirmation page (printed after completing the form).
  • DS-2019 visa petition (sent with your welcome pack).
  • Passport (valid for at least six months beyond your period of stay).
  • Passport sized photograph.
  • Official Disney welcome letter (sent with your welcome pack).
  • Supporting documentation showing intent to return home (most people weren't asked for this but take along a university letter saying you intend to return for your next year, a job offer letter, postgrad offer letter or anything that shows ties to your home country).
  • Payment for the courier fee – London (they only accepted card when we were there. If you are getting your passport processed in Belfast take a prepaid special delivery envelope).

As I said, I have done a video about the actual day which you can find below!

31 days and it still doesn't feel real!


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